Through standardization of analytical approaches for healthcare, we seek to unify approaches for the collection, processing and interpretation of high quality data that leads to the industrialization of the process to better understand human biology for healthy and diseased states and to benefit the patient by monitoring and diagnosing disease before its onset.

We are committed to:

World-Class Programs

Unique focus on industrial issues and needs featuring internationally recognized scientists and premier research.

Thinking Big!

Provide an ideal environment to benchmark a strategy or capture an epiphany. Big ideas, creativity and involvement are openly encouraged. Imagination needed!

Diversity and Study Abroad

Promote interdisciplinary education, training and career development on a global level with unique focus on young scientists and students.

Technological Rigor

Support the highest level of technology evaluation to assist professionals with the identification of practical considerations to perform an analysis that meet specific regulations such as CE, FDA, or CLIA with the highest level of performance (accuracy, sensitivity, throughput, cost).

Interaction and Relationships

Facilitate the growing interest in industrial research with special events dedicated to promoting a collegial atmosphere and fostering friendship. CPSA is User Friendly!