Mozaic Solutions Quarterly Meeting

CPSA USA 2021 – 12th November 2021

Sponsored by Mozaic Solutions

Gary Valaskovic, Mozaic Solutions – Digital LC and Precision Medicine: Sample Centric Sampling

“Building analytical workflows around the sample, rather than the analytical scientist, is the logical progression to putting the patient at the centre in a meaningful timeframe.” – Neil Spooner, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions (CPSA Everyday / CPSA USA 2021)

Updated Forecasts. A shift toward a preference for decentralized trials and a compulsory need for the precise handling of low volume samples – once typically required for proteomics applications – has now become reality. The session led by Mozaic Solutions helped to share a common sense of purpose – to make a difference and change the standard of care via a series of coordinated deliverables – on behalf of the patient. A digital expression of existing workflows and a premier body of work led by New Objective – to lead a global rethink, reconnect, reset – featuring Sample Centric Sampling led by Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions. Everyday.

  • Digital LC – A Focus on Sample Preparation
    • The analog nature of LC forces the MS to work (and wait!) on the LC timescale.
    • A digital workflow frees MS productivity.
    • Current laboratory workflows are dominated by preferences of scientists (for good reason)
    • Rethink sample preparation from patient perspective 
    • Key elements (sample) within LC-MS workflow
      • Sample Aliquot 
      • Sample Storage
      • Sample Preparation
      • Analytical Chromatography 
      • LC-ESI
      • Mass Spectrometry
  • Sample Centric Sampling – Build Solutions for LC-MS and non-MS Applications
    • Patient Focus
      • Zero Dead Volume (PicoClear / IntegraFrit / PicoFrit)
      • Portable Sample Prep / LC-MS (FlowTrap / FlowChip)
      • Decentralized Trials (The Future)
      • Engage Community without Disruption of Existing Workflows (Our Reality)
      • Stepping Stone to Patient Centric Sampling (We Can Do This!)
    • High Performance LC-MS / Conventional Clinical Analysis
      • Aliquot
        • Digitize (1-50 uL)
      • In-Line SPE / PicoTrap (Zero 
      • Analytical – FlowChip / PicoChip
      • Detection – MS/MS
  • Next Steps and Deliverables
    • Patient / Sample
      • Leaders: Ute Gerhard, University of Hertfordshire; Emily Ehrenfeld, Mozaic Solutions
      • Deliverables
    • Corporate / Custom OEM
      • Leaders: Darragh Murnane, University of Hertfordshire; Neil Spooner, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions
      • Deliverables
    • Research / Model System
      • Leaders: Daniel Baker, University of Hertfordshire; Sigrid Deprez, Ghent University; Nithya Paranthaman, The Institute of Cancer Research; Gary Valaskovic, New Objective
      • Deliverables
        • Identify Model System
        • Compare Results – Familiar with New (i.e., Buspirone motif)
    • Legal / Current
      • Leaders: Christophe Stove, Ghent University; Steve Klohr, Corporate Consultant; Bill Han, Legal Consultant; Joe Siple, New Objective
      • Deliverables 
        • Goals / Hurdles
        • Present / Referenced Work
    • Operating / Steering
      • Leaders: Neil Spooner, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions; Gary Valaskovic, New Objective; Amanda Berg, New Objective; Mike Lee Mozaic Solutions; Emily Ehrenfeld, Mozaic Solutions
      • Deliverables

Lessons Learned. It is our time to do something. Together. Everyday.