“I share the feeling of everyone that the Covid-19 pandemic (why not say ‘world crisis’?) has changed a lot of our ways of thinking and interacting. However, I also think that any crisis much often bring along opportunities; hopefully to reconnect, rethink, redesign, and overcome previous difficulties. I believe this is the case now and that we should put our efforts in building solutions that help us individualize clinical approaches…. and the notion of personalized care / response has never been so evident to all before… Patients are clearly responding to this disease – not only this one for sure – according to a series of conditions that can most certainly be tackled by personalized proteomics, metabolomics, genomics, etc.”

Carlos Kiffer, Escola Paulista de Medicina / Universidade Federal de São Paulo


CPSA Everyday provides a unique digital forum to promote the vision and goals of our CPSA Annual meetings where we can also work together as a global community to progress technologies and data into regulatory compliant solutions that lead to an increased understanding of biology and share the knowledge and wisdom to support human health and wellbeing. 

Standardize, Unify, Industrialize 

We will deliver on our goals, share our understanding and vision through our unique digital platform, and we will celebrate and energize ourselves through annual CPSA events organized around the globe and throughout the calendar. We will keep the patient at the front and center of all that we do and act in a way that demonstrates desperation to make a difference. Our focus is on unmet medical need that require something new such as technology, solutions, and regulations inclusive of rare disease as supported by charitable giving through the CPSA Charitable Foundation – led with hope, care, and compassion. To perhaps do good – everyday.