Distinguished Lecture Series

Standardize. Unify. Industrialize.

Hosted by SCIEX

Each year, The Distinguished Lectue Series welcomes innovative and cutting edge lecturers to encourage discussion, exchange of ideas as well as collaboration.


2021Gary Valaskovic, New Objective 
Integration & Miniaturization: An Operating System for LC-MS in Life Science
2019Athena Zuppa, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Integration of VAMS into Pediatric Research and Clinical Programs: What Have We Learned So Far?
2018Hui Zhang, Pfizer
The Next Generation HT BioAnalytical Platform for Drug Discovery:
2017Timothy Garrett, University of Florida
Metabolomics: Discovery, Innovation, and Diagnostic Potential
2016Mark Cancilla, Merck
Understanding the Importance of Metabolic Stability for Developing New Chemical Modalities into Therapeutics
2015Doug Lewis, U.S. Drug Testing Labs
Fetal Alcohol Exposure – A 30 Year Search for a Reliable Biomarker
2014Steven Wong, Wake Forest University
Translational Mass Spectrometry Enabling Personalized Medicines
2013Richard Kibbey, Yale University
Mitochondrial GTP Cycle: A Novel Metabolic Pathway Regulating Glucose Homeostasis