CPSA Europe

CPSA Europe 2021

“The point is that they could run a clinical trial at home, something we talk about all the time at CPSA.” – James Rudge, Neoteryx

Updated Forecasts. The conversation on behalf of the patient continues – highlighted by personal experiences and perspectives shared with the launch of CPSA Europe 2021 in February. 

  • Why is CPSA so important to the Patient?
    • Plenary Lecture – James Rudge, Neoteryx
      • Enabling early diagnosis and prevention of disease
    • Imagine Summit – Jenny Royle, Rekaryo Health
      • Putting the requirements of the patient (consumer) at the center
    • Pre-Conference Workshop – New Objective and Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions
      • Standardization and compatibility with patient centric sampling (low volume and longitudinal) to enable industrialization (for all)
    • CPSA Charitable Foundation Quarterly Meeting
      • A focus on the most desperate – A powerhost for rare disease and pediatrics (non-competitive collaboration)
    • Early Career and Young Scientist – Sigrid Deprez, University of Ghent, Nithya Paranthaman, Institute of Cancer Research and Dan Baker, University of Hertfordshire
      • Integrated Solutions – Simple. Easy. Scalable. – From Patent to Sample to Analytics to Data

Perspective and Experience. Continuous improvement. Strategic approach. Benefit the patient. 

  • Define standards for new, integrated approaches
  • Focus on most desperate 
  • Deliver 1-3 clinical trials per year
  • Compare novel approaches with current gold standards
  • Facilitate adoption of new standards
  • Redefine standard of care
  • Change the boundaries of health with individuals 
  • Early diagnosis and prevention of disease
  • Data underpins the individual; drives healthcare; fuels innovation
  • Current sampling and analytics features 20 mL blood
  • The future is here – dedicated to the patient – sampling to feature 100 uL blood; solutions that are simple, integrated and scalable; and analytics redefined to be portable based on patient needs
  • Logistics have to be reinvented 

Quote to Value. Make sense of what is happening. Here are a few of quotes from our events from February. And more to come – during CPSA Europe 2021 and beyond; on behalf of the patient. Everyday. 

  • The world is different to last year, and most definitely the last 10 years.” – James Rudge, Neoteryx
  • What we have now is to change the business… people can change the business (and pace of business).” – Jenny Royle, Rekaryo Health
  • CPSA Europe 2020 highlighted the challenges (perspectives from Fleur Chandler) to further analytical technology via connections.” – Dan Baker, University of Hertfordshire
  • We have learned the power of team work and just coming together and moving forward.” – Nithya Paranthaman, The Institute of Cancer Research
  • At each step; the next step becomes clearer.” – Emily Ehrenfeld, New Objective 
  • In the regulated space… 21 days to get done.” – Hitesh Pandya, AstraZeneca
  • “… key objective is to completely change healthcare; bring technology (portable solutions) closer to the patient.” – Sigrid Deprez, Ghent University
  • Maybe need to think about it differently.” – Matt Barfield, Roche
  • We think things are stopping us.” – Jenny Royle, Rekaryo Health
  • We have an opportunity.” – Neil Spooner, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions
  • Why is not everyone using these technologies and solutions?” – Sigrid Deprez, Ghent University

Lessons Learned. It is our time to do something. Together. Everyday.