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Portable Sample Prep and Storage

CPSA Analytics 2021 Sponsored Workshop

Gary Valaskovic, Mozaic Solutions

“Droplets are the new vials, tubes, and plates.” – Gary Valaskovic, Mozaic Solutions

Gary outlines his vision of transforming the healthcare industry with the development and commercialization of segmented flow-based technologies. This change will set new standards for sample collection (small sample volumes), preparation, storage and analysis by routinely delivering distributed and decentralized analytical and data workflows, with the requirements of the patient at the centre. Adoption of this standardized simple, scalable and easy approach will redefine the standard of care and support efforts for the early diagnosis and prevention of disease. 

Breaking Barriers to Biomedical Data for Efficacious Drugs, Faster

CPSA Everyday Conversation

Abhishek Jha, Elucidata

“Plant (data) in rows if you are going to harvest.” – Abhishek Jha, Elucidata

Abhishek Jha describes the urgency and challenges with curating data to improve decisions in patient care.  Towards the dream of collecting data, integrating data, and generating usable information – the path starts with how the data is collected and stored at the beginning.  Working backwards from the patient, different data repositories are often not structured, making data mining challenging.  Often data cannot be used because of the lack of structure in public and proprietary repositories.  Abhishek’s dream to structure data with better quality control – and standardize – will help streamline bioinformatics performance, allowing experts to make better decisions, and improve patient care.