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Count On Me – Putting Home Testing for Children into Practice

CPSA Everyday Conversation

JJ Kim, Nottingham Children’s Hospital/University of Nottingham

“It’s really about what patients need, and (what) your colleagues need. And listening to them.” – JJ Kim, Nottingham Children’s Hospital/University of Nottingham

JJ Kim delivers a presentation on the development of CountOnMe, and the care taken while working with patients and at home micro sampling.  He describes a survey and system of feedback that can be used to improve education and for increased engagement with patients.  During this CPSA Everyday, he discusses that the best results come from actually listening to the patient, and not only the contributions from the 1% of the community that pushes out a test or result.  Also, he finds that microsampling is not just a replacement for a hospital visit.  He asks the questions:  How can we use micro sampling to demarcate needs and to give patients more independence? And how do we truly understand a patient’s condition and need?  This is what JJ and his team are evaluating, with continuous feedback from patients, and persistence to what is needed next.

Generating Usable Data in the Simplest Way Possible: Patient Centricity

CPSA Everyday Conversation

Ian Wilson, Imperial College

“We are clearly getting there with the things we can do now with a few microliters of blood.” – Ian Wilson, Imperial College

Ian Wilson discusses his passion and vision to improve the human journey through streamlined testing workflows and high-quality data.  We possibly only get one chance at this, and anything we can do to improve lives is very important.  Looking at the full workflow, Ian believes that the community has clearly made strides to improving healthcare through collecting smaller volumes of blood.  With 100 µL of blood, we can analyze the proteome, metabolome, and RNA without causing much damage to the patient.  We are in a paradigm where we have technologies to improve patient care and Ian Wilson works to maximize workflows and results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Microsampling Is Well Established. Now It’s Just A Matter of How We Implement It!

23rd Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis USA (CPSA USA 2020)

Pre-Conference Workshop – Microsampling

Sponsored by New Objective

Enaksha Wickremsinhe, Eli Lilly & Co.

“Easy to understand unhealthy, how do we understand healthy?” – Enaksha Wickremsinhe, Eli Lilly & Co.

Microsampling in patients is already an established method, but how do we increase adoption and integrate into current workflows?  Enaksha talks about how we are all patients, and that we all have or will ride the healthcare train.  Our goal is to stay healthy, but often we only visit the doctor’s office when we are sick.  Enaksha describes a world where microsampling plays an important role in describing health – possibly sampling at home – instead of only going to the clinic or doctor’s office when we are sick.  Ubiquitously implementing these new processes using existing, mature technologies has gained momentum – but it has and does take a village to get it done.